Thermostats with DIVELLO LIQUID H-TECH™ have a liquid-filled sensor element with an expansion agent that provides a high closing force. DIVELLO LIQUID H-TECH™ reacts faster than wax-based sensor elements and deliberately slower than gas-based sensor elements.

When the room temperature exceeds the set value of the thermostat, the volume of the expansion agent increases and the radiator valve starts to close. When the room temperature drops, the volume of the expansion agent decreases and the radiator valve begins to open.

Heat from sunlight, appliances and people, etc. is used and a proven reaction time ensures that the thermostat does not close too slowly in the event of increased room temperature (e.g. heat from people when visiting) or open too quickly in the event of reduced room temperature (e.g. cooling from open windows).

DIVELLO LIQUID H-TECH™ provides a stable and precise temperature control when opening and closing the radiator valve depending on the heating requirement and has a proven reaction time. The high closing force contributes to trouble-free use and lower maintenance costs.

Products with DIVELLO LIQUID H-TECH™ are optimised and energy efficient and are part of the DIVELLO ECONOM ™ product system.


A balanced radiator system is a prerequisite for energy efficiency and good heating comfort.

Radiator valves with DIVELLO STATIC H-TECH™ regulate the flow in the heating system with static and pre-adjustable values. Used primarily for static adjustment when the balancing of the heating system is done manually by carefully calculated and implemented presetting of each radiator valve.

DIVELLO STATIC H-TECH™ is traditional and proven technology that ensures an energy efficient and trouble-free heating system with good heating comfort.

Products with DIVELLO STATIC H-TECH™ are optimising and are part of the DIVELLO ORIGINAL product system™.